About Us

Jervis Bay Wild has been operating for 9 years and proudly showcases the beautiful ecosystem and marine life (Dolphins, Whales & Seals) of Jervis Bay Marine Park in Huskisson, South Coast of New South Wales.

We operate 365 days of the year and have the largest luxurious fleet on the South Coast with 5 vessels. Our vessel “Port Venture” is the only vessel on the South Coast that services guests with disabilities, with an easy wheel on/off ramp. We run a number of cruises and tours consisting of:

Dolphin Tour – all year round
Summer Cruise – mid November to mid-May
Whale Cruise – mid-May to mid November
Summer Boom Netting – mid-November to mid-May
The South Coast Passage – all year round

tqual  wheelchair South Coast Regional Tourism Silver Winner 

We pride ourselves in our customer service

TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice 2020

On our cruises, staff provide guests with consistent personalised service to the highest standard and professionalism.

Jervis Bay is renowned for its natural beauty and extraordinary wildlife, such as dolphins, seals, sea birds, fairy penguins and migrating whales (from May through November). Rich in Australian history, Aboriginal culture and geological marvels, Jervis Bay is also famous for its diving, exceptionally clear water.

Jervis Bay Wild is committed to sustainable tourism and has achieved Advanced Eco-certification. Friendly, knowledgeable and skilful crew provide unique and unforgettable eco-tours. Experience beach landings on white, pristine beaches. Swim and snorkel in clear, clean waters, amongst amazing reefs. Watch abundant and diverse wildlife in their natural habitat.

Our vessel Port Venture is a 18.5 metre, spacious catamaran, with five viewing levels, has been specifically designed to suit all ages, especially those who are in wheelchairs or have a physical disability. She has disabled amenities on board and level walk/wheel on, and off ramp.

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