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Whale Season 2018 is upon us, and our whale watching tours will be running daily from now until mid-November. Tens of thousands of whales are expected to pass through the best whale watching spots on the NSW Coast. Lucky for us, Jervis Bay is one such spot. This means when you book a whale watching cruise in Jervis Bay you have an almost never-fail sighting rate. The calm, sheltered waters of the bay are a perfect diversion from the current as the whales head north. You may even be lucky enough to see a newborn calf with their mother…

Humpback Whale In Jervis Bay

2018 whale watching best spots

Humpback Whale in Jervis Bay

While the annual whale migration has started the whales were giving the coastline a wide berth until….

We were treated to the sight of a young humpback whale in Jervis Bay. Whales don’t normally come into the bay until later in the year so this was a rare treat.

We are also hopeful it is a sign of a bumper whale season. Don’t miss out on your chance to see whales in Jervis Bay. Our whale watching tours are available to book now so make sure your secure your spot. Book your cruise today.

Best Whale Watching Australia: NSW South Coast

According to a wildlife officer from NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, some of the best whale watching in Australia is now on the NSW South Coast –

“traditionally whales have chosen to interact with vessels in Queensland around Hervey Bay, but that is changing and this year we are seeing more and more interactions along the NSW south coast.”

Even more exciting is the increase in whale numbers we are noticing each season. The official estimate of the east coast whale population last year was 30,200 – an increase of 10.9 percent every year (source). Most of these are humpback whales but we do also see southern right whales.

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