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It’s true, Australia has remarkable wildlife, and Jervis Bay is THE place to go to see dolphins in New South Wales. Our dolphin cruises depart daily from Huskisson for a thrilling wildlife experience out on the water. In addition to spotting our resident bottlenose dolphins in the bay (there are between 80 and 90 living here), there are a few other unexpected benefits of embarking on a dolphin cruise.

1. Amazing photo opportunities present themselves.

You likely won’t just see the sleek, friendly dolphins gliding through the bright blue waters of Jervis Bay. On our cruises, guests typically see a whole variety of wildlife. You’ll want to have your camera ready to snap some outstanding shots of this marine life. In addition to what’s in the water, the shoreline of the bay offers a stunning backdrop, with towering sea cliffs and deep, mysterious caves.

2. You’ll find yourself grinning from ear to ear.

Passengers on our vessels find they can’t help but smile during a dolphin cruise. The dolphins themselves have a signature smile, and their faces will delight and amuse you. Watching them race alongside the boat is exhilarating and fun; there isn’t an unhappy guest on the boat. It’s certainly all smiles out on Jervis Bay.

3. You take a deep breath and revel in the invigorating feeling of the sea air.

Our dolphin cruises aren’t only a whole lot of fun, they are also relaxing and rejuvenating. There are definite health benefits to getting outdoors and spending time on the sea. The salty air and refreshing sea breeze will give you an energy boost and provide an overall feeling of wellbeing. The entire experience will make you feel great from head to toe.

4. The history of Jervis Bay comes alive.

Our Jervis Bay Wild tour guides are informative hosts and talented storytellers. You’ll be captivated by the fascinating tidbits and tales of the region’s history and lore. As well, your guides will keep you interested and amused as you learn more about our beloved dolphins and the other animal residents of the bay.

5. You might see a baby dolphin!

Just recently, a new addition to the dolphin family appeared in Jervis Bay. We’ve had sightings on several of our cruises of this precious baby dolphin. If you book soon, you might see it too! Nothing is quite as adorable as a baby animal, and a young dolphin, swimming alongside its mother, is an unforgettable treat.

6. Lasting memories are made with your friends and family.

More than anything else, guests love our dolphin cruises and return year after year because of the amazing experiences they’ve had. Sharing a fun and unique outdoor adventure with the ones you love is priceless, and at Jervis Bay Wild, we work hard to ensure you have a trip you won’t forget.

Ready to get onboard? Cruises depart daily showcasing crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and of course, our famous dolphins. You’ll enjoy two hours of fun for kids and adults of all ages. Book now and join the thousands of others who’ve loved every minute of their Jervis Bay Wild experience.