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Even if you’ve never experienced seasickness before, the wrong conditions can cause it to strike even the most experienced sailors. While Jervis Bay is a relatively calm body of water, minimising the potential for seasickness, if you’re heading out on the water this summer, these tips for avoiding seasickness might just come in handy should the weather turn.

Top Seasickness Tips

Look At The Horizon

Fixing your gaze on the horizon will help you feel steadier. One of the contributing factors to motion sickness is the wobble factor, so focusing your sights on something fixed in the distance can make you feel better

Avoid Alcohol & Stay Hydrated

Drinking heavily the night before heading out on the water is never a good idea. Not only can it increase your chances of falling victim to seasickness, but you’re unlikely to enjoy your day out as much with a hangover. Stick to water and remember to consume water throughout your trip as well, especially in the warmer months.

Ginger Works

Ginger is an effective natural way of decreasing symptoms of seasickness including nausea and stomach pain. Available in capsules, tea, liquid and crystalised form, it’s a simple and cheap way to be prepared for seasickness.

Wear A Wristband

Another natural option for avoiding seasickness is with a Sea-Band. Designed to apply pressure to the Nei Kuan acupressure point on the wrist, these bands are very effective and side-effect free.

Consider Medication

There is a range of over the counter medications that can help prevent seasickness. If you’re a frequent sufferer, speak to your doctor or pharmacist about which medication is best for you. Most seasickness medications are best taken about an hour prior to heading out on the water.

Cruise Around Jervis Bay Wild

Looking to get out on the water in Jervis Bay? Check out our dolphin cruises and whale watching tours available every day of the year. Over the summer, we also run our popular summer boom netting trips. Ask us a question or book a tour.