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Australia is a backpacker’s mecca. Thousands of young people arrive on our shores to explore this fabulous destination. There are many youth hostels to stay in and various odd jobs where Working Holiday-makers can earn a bit of money. But during their stay, these backpackers want to see the best of the best in Australia. One of the top destinations for their visit is right here in Jervis Bay. These 5 things are great for backpackers to do.

Camping in Booderee National Park

One element which makes the Jervis Bay region so spectacular is the magical nature to be found here. For backpackers, skip the night in a hostel and head out for some camping. Booderee National Park is the perfect place to pitch a tent with friends. There are many campsites to choose from and the close proximity to the ocean can’t be beat. If you’re looking to experience some of Australia’s wildlife, you’ll definitely see them during a Jervis Bay camping trip. In the morning, head out and enjoy the sunrise over the beach.

Visit Point Perpendicular

Point Perpendicular is a must-visit spot in Jervis Bay. This high point provides insane vistas out over the water, and is especially marvelous at sunset. There’s also an old lighthouse now. Though there is no access to the inside, it makes a great addition to the panoramic scene off the Point. The drive out to the end is also worth the visit.

Explore the White Sands Walk

Jervis Bay and the surrounding areas offer a number of excellent hikes and bushwalks. One of the most popular—and the easiest to access–is the White Sands Walk. This is an easy path which winds its way between Hyams Beach and Greenfield Beach. In total, the walk extends 2.5km and the entire circuit generally takes an hour or so of walking. Allow extra time to stop and appreciate the scenic viewpoints and even more time if you want to take advantage of the gorgeous beaches: Hyams especially is quite famous for its brilliant ivory sand.

Snorkelling, Swimming, and Surfing

Water sports and activities are enormously popular here. You can’t visit Jervis Bay without spending time out on and in the water. Snorkelling is a must-do, with some great visibility in well-sheltered coves. Top spots include Murrays Beach, Bristol Point, and Honeymoon Bay. For backpackers, it’s fairly inexpensive to hire snorkel gear.

You might also opt to go for a basic swim, or to do a bit of surfing. However you choose to experience the turquoise waters of the bay, you’re sure to have a great time.

A wildlife eco cruise

Last but certainly not least, no backpacker can depart Jervis Bay without having an essential wildlife experience. At Jervis Bay Wild, we run the leading wildlife cruises in the area. Our most popular options are our whale watching tour and our dolphin cruise, but we have an array of choices that will bring guests to some of the area’s most beautiful spots. Wildlife sightings are abundant and exciting, and the entire experience is an adventure.

What are you waiting for? We’ll see you soon on one of our vessels!