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We’ve talked previously on the Jervis Bay Wild blog about the importance of ecotourism and our dedication to it in everything we do. We’re not alone in this commitment to a better way of sustainable travel. Sustainable tourism is a major part of the travel industry, and is only growing. And getting it right is hugely important—particularly when it comes to wildlife.

Wildlife tourism, when done incorrectly, can be damaging in many ways; most significantly to the wellbeing of the animals themselves. Poorly-managed wildlife “experiences” or zoological centres can also have a negative environmental impact. Not only can these operations create real problems for wildlife and for the natural world, they do nothing to help promote environmental conservation and wildlife protection.

We believe in putting the wild back in wildlife tourism, which is why eco-friendly practices that prioritise the wellbeing of wildlife are a top priority.

Why pursue sustainable travel?

Why should we each pursue responsible ways of travelling? It is an important step for every individual who chooses to travel and seek out wildlife experiences. Sustainable travel begins with every one of us, and encompasses a variety of choices. When you travel, here are a few steps you can take to be a responsible traveler (and these also apply close to home, too):

  • Make a commitment to support local businesses

    Buy local products. Eat at locally-owned restaurants. This is especially important in the developing world, as tourism dollars can help sustain communities and cultures.


  • Practice “leave no trace” principles when outdoors

    Our beautiful earth should be visited and explored. But when adventuring out of doors, be sure you’re leaving the natural world the way you found it. Avoid leaving rubbish or disturbing habitats. Tread carefully, do not walk in restricted conservation areas (obey relevant signage), and carry out all rubbish with you and recycle when possible.


  • Choose ecotourism providers and green accommodation

A great many organisations are promoters of sustainable travel and eco-friendly living. When you travel, choose to support these businesses and groups. You can feel good knowing your money is going towards better, more environmentally-friendly operations. And if choosing wildlife experiences, pick a provider with an excellent record and good conditions for animals. Ecotourism-certified ventures can let you know you’re using a company that prioritises the wellbeing of local wildlife.

How Jervis Bay Wild puts the “wild” back in wildlife tourism

At Jervis Bay Wild, it’s of the utmost importance to us to ensure we’re constantly treating our local dolphins, whales, sharks, and all other creatures of the air and sea with the appropriate care. Our eco cruises approach wildlife to view them only at a reasonable, safe, and respectful distance. It is our intent not to disturb the wildlife and to protect their natural habitat. (We also limit our use of harmful fuels and prioritise using eco-friendly products whenever possible).

We know that we are a guest in the habitats of our marine friends, and we keep this in mind on our journeys. When you book an eco tour with us, you can feel good about the way we deal with wildlife. And throughout your tour, we’ll be sharing information on the marine mammals and other wildlife, and aiming to impart knowledge on eco-friendly practices and conservation.

Choose a company that embraces the wild. Book with Jervis Bay Wild for an amazing experience here in the region.