Navigating Summer with Jervis Bay Wild

Discover the joys of Jervis Bay, a coastal gem renowned for its crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and rich marine life. With Summer on the horizon, it’s the ideal time to immerse yourself in the array of water-based activities that Jervis Bay has to offer. From peaceful kayaking trips and stand up paddleboarding adventures to exciting boating excursions and close-up wildlife encounters, there’s an abundance of ways to enjoy the bay’s natural wonders.


Kayaking in Jervis Bay

Kayaking is a quintessential summer activity in Jervis Bay, allowing you to connect with the bay’s serene beauty. It caters to all levels, from beginners to experienced kayakers. Paddle through calm waters, explore hidden mangroves, and visit secluded beaches. Jervis Bay Kayak Hire provides a range of kayaking options, ensuring an enjoyable and safe experience. Learn more at Jervis Bay Kayak Hire.


Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

For a different kind of water adventure, try Stand Up Paddleboarding. SUP is a fun and relaxing way to explore Jervis Bay’s stunning coastal scenery. This activity is perfect for those who enjoy a gentle workout while soaking in the picturesque surroundings. SUP boarding is accessible to all skill levels, offering a unique perspective of the bay’s clear waters and marine life. Equipment and guidance are available from Jervis Bay Wild, making it easy to get started. Discover more about SUP experiences at Jervis Bay Wild SUP Board Hire.


Boating Experiences

Boating opens up another spectrum of adventure in Jervis Bay. With a selection of boats from Jervis Bay Boat Hire, you can tailor your day on the water for fishing, exploring, or simply relaxing. Their fleet is equipped for safety and comfort, making your boating excursion enjoyable and stress-free. Discover the options at Jervis Bay Boat Hire.


Jervis Bay Wild Cruises

Dolphin Cruise: Available all year round, the Dolphin Cruise lasts for 1.5 hours. Passengers can enjoy spotting the bay’s resident bottlenose dolphins. These cruises offer a chance to see dolphins playing and racing in the clear turquoise waters of Jervis Bay Marine Park, alongside beautiful white sand beaches​​.

Sunset River Cruise: This cruise takes you through the calm waters of Currambene Creek. It’s an ideal way to explore the bay’s ecosystem and enjoy a picturesque sunset. Passengers are welcome to bring their own wine and nibbles, making for a relaxing and personal experience​​.

Jervis Bay Passage: This cruise lets you discover the natural beauty of Jervis Bay, including its white sand beaches. The tour includes views of a lighthouse on towering cliffs and the exploration of small caves, all while cruising through the bay’s clear turquoise water​​.

Summer Boom Netting: This unique activity is combined with the Dolphin Cruise. It involves hopping into a net attached to the back of the boat, offering a fun and different way to enjoy the waters of Jervis Bay​​.

Whale Cruise: From May to November, Jervis Bay Wild offers 2-3 hour whale watching cruises. These cruises provide an opportunity to spot humpback whales during their annual migration. The experience is set against the backdrop of Jervis Bay’s rugged cliffs and ancient sea caves, offering a majestic view​​.


Jervis Bay is a haven for summer water activities, offering something for every type of outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re seeking the tranquillity of a kayak journey, the thrill of a boating adventure, or the wonder of marine life encounters, Jervis Bay provides a memorable backdrop for your summer adventures. 

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