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There are many advantages to visiting Jervis Bay in winter. There’s plenty to do – whale watching, local shopping, dining and wineries – and there are fewer tourists. You’ll have our stunning beaches (many of them pet-friendly) all to yourself, enjoy a more relaxed experience on the roads and can take advantage of winter rates in Jervis Bay accommodation.

Whale Cruise Jervis Bay

Our Jervis Bay whale cruises take you right out to where the action is, and you’re almost guaranteed to see whales swimming, jumping, and splashing about. You may even see baby whales nursing! Our vessel takes you close to the whales (but no too close!)  and you’ll have the opportunity to grab some amazing photos. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing one of these massive creatures a few metres from where you stand on deck.

Our Jervis Bay dolphin cruises are another popular option in winter. We’ve got a resident bottlenose dolphin population right here in the bay that absolutely loves our vessels and crew. The friendly dolphins will swim right up to the bow, eager to catch a glimpse of some humans and show off their swimming prowess.

Winter is a beautiful time to be out on the water, though it can get a bit chilly, so a thick jumper or jacket is highly recommended on all our cruises!

Jervis Bay Weather In Winter

Among the many things that make us feel lucky to live in Jervis Bay is the beautiful weather we experience year-round. The weather in winter means shorter days, but they are sunny and the temperatures mild.

The cooler temperatures in winter make it an ideal time to go on a bushwalk or explore the many walking paths and bike trails in the Jervis Bay area. Dining out tends to be a more intimate experience during winter as well.

We do hope you’ll join us this winter in Jervis Bay for a whale cruise, a dolphin tour or a private cruise. Please contact us with any questions and we look forward to your visit.