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There are many lovely options for wildlife cruises in Jervis Bay. From fascinating whale watching tours to exciting dolphin cruises, no two boat trips are alike. Nor are two days on the water ever the same. Each time we head out on the water, we don’t know exactly what surprises and delights the day has in store. Though wildlife sightings and epic scenery are always an element of the cruise, adventure awaits in many different forms.

Feeling torn about which of our fabulous cruises to choose? We want to make it easier for you. Today’s suggestion: the South Coast Passage. Here are 5 reasons to hop onboard.

A half day bursting with adventure

At 3 hours in duration, the South Coast Passage is our longest and most comprehensive boat tour. This half-day adventure is an excellent way to spend a morning exploring the bay and making the very most of your experience. Departing at 10am and returning around 1pm, you’ll be back just in time for lunch, where you can recount tales of the day’s sightings and wonder over a delicious meal.

The most unique look at the Beecroft Peninsula

This is the only cruise that takes you along the periphery of the thrilling Beecroft Peninsula. The towering cliffs here are undeniably impressive, and on the South Coast Passage, you’ll be able to get close up and experience their height and might. Not only that, but the tour takes you inside the ancient and alluring sea caves themselves. This opportunity is so unique and gives you the palpable sense of being a sea explorer of olden times. No other wildlife cruise in the area offers that!

A fun ride in a rigid inflatable boat

The South Coast Passage sails on a rigid inflatable boat, a low set vessel that brings guests closer to the water. Riding in this boat is so much fun, and it’s size and build allow us to navigate it through places where other vessels cannot manage. This provides you with a singular experience. When you spot wildlife from your spot in this vessel, you’ll have the feeling of being much closer to them, especially those coming up along the surface of the water, like our dolphins and whales.

The chance to view a variety of wildlife

The South Coast Passage is also an awesome choice because it introduces you to a wide range of marine life. The local bottlenose dolphins are almost always nearby on our tour and in whale watching season you will likely catch a glimpse of those majestic mammals as well. The Sea Coast Passage is also unique in that it takes you to visit a fur seal colony. The Australian fur seal will make you smile with its noises and its playful antics.

The best tour in Jervis Bay

The final reason to book on the South Coast Passage is that we think it is probably one of the best (if not THE best) of the area’s wildlife cruises. Between the unique experience you’ll have amidst the rocky sea cliffs and caves and the incredible wildlife encounters, we guarantee this is a trip you won’t forget anytime soon. So, what are you waiting for? Book on the South Coast Passage today!