Jervis Bay Dolphins

Dolphins are toothed whales that belong to the Cetacean category. Whilst the most common species of dolphin found in the Jervis Bay Marine Park is the Bottlenose Dolphin, there are 14 species of dolphins that are found in Australia.


Bottlenose dolphin

Scientific name: Tursiops Truncatus

The most common dolphin found in the Jervis Bay Marine Park is the Bottlenose Dolphin. This beautiful creature is a medium-sized dolphin found mainly in the south Pacific Ocean & southern Indian Ocean. Bottlenose dolphins live in pods of around 10-30 members.

Australian Species

Coastal bottlenose (indo-Pacific) Dolphin

Scientific name: Tursiops Aduncus

The Indo-Pacific Dolphin is a common species of bottlenose dolphin. These creatures are typically found in the northern areas of Australia. This Cetacean grows up to 2.6 meters in length, with a weight of 230kg.

Indo-Pacific Humpbacked dolphin

Scientific name: Sousa Chinensis

Another dolphin found in the northern region of Australia is the Indo-Pacific humpback. Unlike other dolphins who are known to travel in large groups, this species lives in small pods of 3 to 4 members. These dolphins are typically identified by their pink & grey colour.

An Indo-pacific humpback dolphin
dusky dolphin

Dusky dolphin

Scientific name: Lagenorhynchus Obscurus

The Dusky Dolphin is a small to medium sized dolphin that weighs up to 85kg & is 175cm in length. At its back, the dolphin is a dark grey or black colour & its dorsal fin is two toned. While popular in New Zealand, the Dusky Dolphin may also be found in southern regions of Australia.


Common Dolphin

Scientific Name: Delphinus delphis


The common dolphin is identifiable by their distinct colour pattern of white, yellow belly & grey back intersecting in an hourglass like pattern. These dolphins appear in the waters of the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans. Small school fish and squid are amongst its diet.

Common dolphin

Jervis Bay Dolphin Watch Cruise


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