Jervis Bay Whale Watching & Dolphin Cruises

Jervis Bay Wild offers a range of breathtaking Whale Watching & Dolphin cruise options for you, your family and your friends to enjoy all year-round. Whale Watching and Dolphin Watching with us in beautiful Jervis Bay is a fantastic way to experience the excitement of pure nature like never before. We also offer other awesome activities throughout the year, which can be found below or on our Cruise Options page.
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Jervis Bay Whale Watching

Whale Watching Jervis Bay

Humpback whales are famous for their extensive migrations- the longest of nearly any animal species. Because the baby whales require warmer waters to grow safely, the whales in the Southern Hemisphere move north in the winter time. During these months they pass both north and south, giving us the perfect chance to catch a glimpse of their lengthy journey on a whale watching cruise.Between May and November each year, superb whale watching is to be had on our Whale Eco Cruises. This 2 hour tour offers an unforgettable experience as you spot the majestic migration of humpback whales through Jervis Bay. The whale watching adventure takes you past glorious cliffs at Point Perpendicular and stops by a natural lagoon known as Honeymoon Bay. If you’re lucky enough to visit the area in October or November, your whale watching experience may include some unique sightings of female humpbacks nursing their young in the bay.

Jervis Bay Dolphin Cruises


One of our most popular tours, our dolphin cruise (Dolphin Eco Tour) is offered year round. Within beautiful Jervis Bay you’ll encounter countless bottlenose dolphins, happy to play beside our boat and show off their swimming prowess. Our dolphin cruises will get you up close to the dolphins in their natural habitat, while also showcasing the serene nature of the Jervis Bay Marine Park. Your 2 hour dolphin cruise takes you through sparkling, clear waters and past sandy white beaches.Bottlenose dolphins are an incredible species of dolphin, known for their constant “smile.” These dolphins generally travel in small groups, or pods, and it is a breathtaking site to catch a glimpse of these sleek and agile creatures as they dive, jump, and swim through the bay waters. On your dolphin cruise, you’ll see the graceful dolphins as they are happy to swim close to our boat, racing each other at speeds of up to 37 km/hr.

Jervis Bay Cruise Options

Dolphin Cruises

All Year

Amazing Tour

See our resident Bottlenose dolphins that live in Jervis Bay Marine Park, all year round, in some of the cleanest, clear water in the world.

Summer Eco Tour


Amazing Tour

Breathtaking natural beauty fringed by spectacular national parks of long beaches, with the finest white sands in the world.



Amazing Tour

Witness the majestic beauty of our migrating Humpback whales. A life changing experience set against rugged cliffs and ancient sea caves.

Seal Colony Eco Cruise

All Year

Amazing Tour

Venture outside Jervis Bay Marine Park to visit a Seal colony. Explore the rugged sea cliffs and sea caves of Beecroft Peninsula and enjoy the seals at the Drum and Drumsticks.

Boom Netting


Amazing Tour

Cruise the pristine waters of Jervis Bay Marine Park. See our resident Bottlenose dolphins, spectacular sea cliffs and enjoy the adrenalin rush of boom netting along unspoiled white beaches.

Twilight Eco Tours


Amazing Tour

Explore the rugged cliffs and sea caves of Beecroft Peninsula, accompanied by our resident dolphins.

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