7 Reasons to Love Bottlenose Dolphins

It’s no secret that dolphins are a beloved mammal. And the bottlenose dolphins are some of the most recognisable and most famous. With good reason: these animals are fascinating! At Jervis Bay Wild, we run a year-round dolphin cruise, so you can join us in every season to meet our favourite group of locals. And we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with them, too! Here are 7 reasons to adore these magical dolphins.

Dolphins talk to each other–just like us!

Bottlenose dolphins are super communicative, talking to each other via a complicated arrangement of whistles, squeaks, clicks, and sounds across the pitch spectrum. Some research shows that dolphins make certain sounds together in unison, too, which may have a range of meanings.

A dolphin has a signature whistle

Not only do bottlenose dolphins communicate regularly, each one has developed its own unique identifier: a whistle that is their very own. It’s impossible not to love this dolphin fact. It gives each dolphin a bit of an individual sense, part and parcel of its personality.

Dolphins swallow their food whole: impressive!

It would seem that bottlenose dolphins are too busy to chew. Instead of using their teeth (they have between 80-100) they swallow their food whole. This is quite a feat, especially considering they consume an average of 6% of their own body weight daily. The dolphins’ favourite meal choices include squid and fish.

They look like they’re smiling

There may be no conclusive “evidence” that bottlenose dolphins are smiling, but their long snouts and wide mouths certainly give them an adorable grin. You can’t help but love those mischievous faces!

Dolphins are incredibly smart

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals in the world and smart animals are fascinating to us humans. Dolphins regularly rank at the top of the intelligence spectrum. Their abilities and brain power has been demonstrated time and again through fascinating scientific studies as well as stories of memorable dolphin encounters.

Dolphins have a brilliant method of sleeping

Because dolphins must breathe (and must remain conscious to do so), they’ve developed a genius sleep method. At night, they turn off only one half of their brain at a time, allowing them to rest while still taking care of their survival.

They know how to have fun!

Finally, you will love bottlenose dolphins because they are fun-loving creatures that know how to have a good time. On our Jervis Bay Wild dolphin cruises, you’ll see them race alongside our boat, showing off their speed and agility and giving us all plenty of entertainment. These happy mammals are a wonderful sight, sure to make any visitor smile from ear to ear.

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