What Is Boom Netting?

Summer Boom Netting

summer boom netting

At Jervis Bay Wild, we’re famous for our exciting and memorable whale watching cruises, highlighting the amazing wildlife and spectacular scenery to be found in the waters of Jervis Bay. Our whale watching and dolphin cruises are all very popular options, but perhaps you’re looking for something a little different? 

If you’re like most of our clients you probably haven’t been summer boom netting before. You may not even know what it is. Well, we’re here to tell you that summer boom netting is like nothing you’ve tried before and it is really really fun!

What is Boom Netting?

Every year, from December to April, Jervis Bay Wild offers our summer boom netting tours. 

Boom netting involves riding in a secure, sturdy net that is attached to the back of one of our vessels. It feels a bit like a mobile spa bath, and as we move swiftly through the water, you’ll have the thrill of waves splashing over you as you cling to the net. You can expect laughter, smiles, and fun as you have a crazy and exciting ride around the bay!

The best bit is you can fit in sizable groups including children. We also have a sea crane for disabled access to the net.

Why Go Boom Netting?

What is Boom Netting

Boom Netting is the perfect alternative to swimming, diving and snorkelling. It’s fun, safe and great value for money! Summer boom netting is ideal for festive season celebrations, corporate days out, family get-togethers or just a day out with friends. Explore beautiful Jervis Bay, learn about the history and culture of the area, meet the dolphins and make lasting memories.

What Will I See on My Tour?

On your day out with us, you’ll enjoy fascinating commentary from our friendly, highly trained tour guides and learn about the history and cultural significance of Jervis Bay. You’ll see the towering sea cliffs at Point Perpendicular, and you’ll cruise past some of the whitest sand beaches in the world. It’s also highly likely you’ll encounter our resident bottlenose dolphins like these lucky guests did.

Our resident bottlenose dolphins are frequently seen swimming and playing nearby our vessel (which they seem to recognise and love), and there are often tropical fish and birdlife to marvel at too.

Summer Boom Netting Reviews

what is boom netting
Group of 6 of us went boom netting and was such an awesome experience!! Spacious boat and friendly staff make it better. So much fun.

Great day of family fun!!! What an enjoyable experience. Beautiful day exploring the Bay and spotting pods of dolphins. Then came our “Boom Netting” experience!! This was fantastic and so much fun … a great experience for kids and adults of all ages. Highly recommend.

This tour was fantastic start to finish. Great people, very relaxed, and awesome value for money. The beautiful location helps obviously, and the dolphins put on a real show for us. And then there was the boom netting. What a laugh, loved it. Couldn’t recommend this any more highly, a must do in Jervis Bay.

Our family enjoyed the thrills and adrenalin rush of “Boom Netting” with Jervis Bay Wild…The adventure of a lifetime.If you enjoy the sea, surf and thrills this is the ride for you…Along with close up sightings of the famous Jervis Bay bottle-nose Dolphins. A must summertime memorable trip!

Book Now!

So what are you waiting for?! Tours depart twice daily during the summer months, at 10:30am and 1pm. Be there 15 minutes early to make sure you don’t lose your spot in the net! We set sail from our port in Huskisson where you can grab a coffee or a bite to eat before or after your tour at the wonderful Portside Cafe. For more information, feel free to contact us. You can also book a tour quickly and easily using our online booking system. In the meantime, check out some other fun things to do on your weekend in Jervis Bay. See you soon!

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