Why We Love Whale Watching (And Why You Will Too!)

It’s May, and in Jervis Bay, that can only mean one thing: the start of whale watching season. From May until November, the waters of Jervis Bay are graced by the presence of hundreds of humpback whales, making the slow journey north towards milder waters. Even after years of spotting the magnificent humpbacks moving through our oceans, it is still an absolute thrill to see them. Every whale watching experience is utterly different and unique, and at Jervis Bay Wild, we absolutely love whale watching. If you’ve never been out on one of our whale eco-cruises, it’s time you came along and discovered what all the fuss is about.

Who? – The Mighty Humpback

A favourite for wildlife spotting, these massive mammals are well known for their extreme annual migrations. The humpback is a fascinating animal with many unique characteristics. Every year, the humpback whales consistently move the furthest of any animal species. Whales that inhabit the Southern Hemisphere move north during the winter months, allowing young humpback whales to be born in more temperate oceans. The whales swim slowly, at a speed of roughly 2km per hour, giving us ample opportunity to catch up with them as they go.

What? – An Encounter with Nature

Our whale eco cruises offer the best whale watching experience available in Jervis Bay. For two hours, you’ll explore the stunning cliffs, caves, and beaches of the bay, as you glide through turquoise waters seeking the whales. As you pass the cliffs of Point Perpendicular and sail into open waters, you will spot your first whale, a thrilling experience that will find your heart racing in your chest. The sight of the humpback whales jumping and splashing in the waves or forcefully expelling water from their spots is an incredible experience with the marine world. You’re almost guaranteed to catch a glimpse of other local wildlife as well, including birds, sharks, rays, and of course, our resident bottlenose dolphins.

When? – May Through November

Our whale watching cruise is available twice daily throughout our winter months, departing at 10:30am and 1:00pm. With an excellent spotting record, you have an extremely high chance of seeing whales on your cruise. Later on in the season, a natural lagoon on the itinerary, Honeymoon Bay, will provide some memorable sightings of baby humpbacks, remaining close to their mothers as they nurse. When you join us for your cruise, don’t forget your camera, as the photo opportunities are unmatched on this tour.

We Heart Humpbacks

The sea breeze in your hair. The warm sun on your skin. Whales just a few metres away. There really is nothing like the experience of whale watching in Jervis Bay.
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