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Whale watching in Jervis Bay is well known as some of the world’s best. But did you know that Jervis Bay is also a known hot spot for bioluminescence? There have been some incredible displays over the years, but the light show witnessed by lucky spectators just a few days ago was reported to be one of the brightest ever.

What is Bioluminescence?

We witness bioluminescence as a stunning transformation of the ocean into a sparkling sea of blue and green (sometimes red). But what is the scientific explanation?

Bioluminescence – is a chemical reaction inside a living cell which generates light. From sea creatures to mushrooms, bioluminescence provides a glowing existence.

Certain conditions (usually an algae bloom of plankton) create large amounts of bioluminescence, also known as Sea Sparkle, in the water which will glow when disturbed by a wave or a splash in the water.

Bioluminescence At Jervis Bay

Last Friday, beachgoers at Vincentia were treated to a spectacular bioluminescence show which lasted around 4 hours. Proving the Shoalhaven and South Coast are bioluminescence hot spots, Callala Bay also put on a vibrant bioluminescence display earlier this month.

Bioluminescence can only be witnessed at a few locations around the world and it is notoriously difficult to photograph. It is also difficult to predict, with its appearance relying on the right temperatures and wind.

Learn more about bioluminescence in this definitive guide to sea sparkle. If you love nature and are visiting Jervis Bay in the coming months, check out our whale watching and dolphin cruises. Got a question? Contact our friendly reservations team.