Why Do Whales Migrate?

Humpback whales are incredible creatures found in oceans around the world. Humpback whales spend their lives following migratory patterns and …

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winter in jervis bay

Winter in Jervis Bay: Your Winter Holiday Starts Here

There are many advantages to visiting Jervis Bay in winter. There’s plenty to do – whale watching, local shopping, dining …

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map to paradise jervis bay screening

The Map To Paradise Jervis Bay Screening

We are excited to announce that The Map To Paradise will be screening just around the corner from us in …

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Valentine’s Day in Jervis Bay

Valentine’s Day In Jervis Bay

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be considering a romantic getaway for you and your loved one. …

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Avoid Seasickness

Avoid Seasickness This Summer

Even if you’ve never experienced seasickness before, the wrong conditions can cause it to strike even the most experienced sailors. …

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Australia's Hidden Gems

Jervis Bay: One Of Australia’s Hidden Gems

Despite its incredible natural beauty, Jervis Bay is often overlooked in the tourist’s guidebook. Unlike the more well known coastal …

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Bioluminescence Jervis Bay

Bioluminescence at Jervis Bay: August 2018

Whale watching in Jervis Bay is well known as some of the world’s best. But did you know that Jervis Bay …

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2018 best whale watching spots

2018 Best Whale Watching Spots: NSW South Coast

Whale Season 2018 is upon us, and our whale watching tours will be running daily from now until mid-November. Tens …

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The Secret Life Of Whales

The Secret Life Of Whales

In preparation for whale watching season, we’ve been reading a fascinating books about whales and we just had to share …

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eastern quoll jervis bay

Eastern Quoll Returns To Jervis Bay

It’s not a whale or a dolphin, but the Eastern Quoll is just as fascinating and has a unique conservation …

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